If you've been part of one of the premier law enforcement organizations in the world, your information should be on the list so your co-workers can find you and you can get in touch with them. Joining the list is step one. The other step is joining the FORUMS. This is a private area where members keep in touch, swap yarns, stay current, find old friends, etc. If you are or were associated with the Connecticut State Police as a sworn member (graduate of the State Police Academy) or a civilian employee of the Division of State Police, upon review, you may be admitted. All submissions are carefully checked to ensure authenticity.

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If you are trying to get in touch with someone who is or was a member of the Connecticut State Police, FOR SOCIAL, UNOFFICIAL REASONS ONLY, use the CONTACT button to send an email , and your request will be reviewed. If appropriate, the request will be forwarded to the member. If not a member, an attempt will be made to locate and contact that person. No alimony, no subpeonas!


The Mail Call originated when one CSP retiree wondered if there was a way to put his email address on the web site so that his old friends and academy classmates could find him. That seemed like a great idea ... a central place on the Internet where past and present members of the Department could locate old friends, and could list their info so that their old friends could find them. What we wanted was to create an electronic alumnus sort of thing, and this is it.


If you are or were associated with the Connecticut State Police as a sworn member (graduate of the State Police Academy), a civilian employee of the Division of State Police, a member of the Auxiliary Unit, or a member of an organized law enforcement agency who was assigned to a CSP unit, such as a task force, and you would like to have your name placed on this page so that others can find you, just click the "add my info" button and fill in the form.  You will need to have and maintain an EMAIL address.   Upon review, your name and associated info will then be placed on the page, but your email address remains private.  Anyone wishing to contact you must request to do so via email, which is forwarded to you. You decide whether or not to respond. This ensures that your information is kept private.


Please be advised: This is not a way for you to pretend you were the real thing. If you didn't "walk the walk" don't bother to send your info ... All submissions are screened for authenticity before being added. This page is reserved for those who paid their dues and joined the fraternity the only acceptable way ... as members of the Connecticut State Police.

If that's YOU, click on these buttons to join or get more info:

click to send in your info click to submit changes Push here to get in touch with someone listed on the page.

The FORUM system mentioned above replaced the old newsletters, and allows all eligible members to participate in a variety of different private discussion boards. This means all items of interest and the best war stories are immediately available to all members. There are also many Academy class photos and other photos which can be viewed on the site. To join, ENTER HERE: 


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