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Why would someone do this? Many years ago in the 80's the Connecticut State Police had no web presence whatsoever, and many other agencies did or were starting to develop their websites. It was how folks learned about their police, and since I was a career member of the department with some rudimentary HTML skills, and I saw it as a good way to learn more, I decided to put up a CSP web site. Well then I began to get a lot of email from folks who wanted to know more about me, so I did this page. That's all there was to it. 

Trooper Pilot Dive Instructor Boat Captain


I retired from the Connecticut State Police after 21 years of service.  (I wish I could say I started when I was 12!)

I started the way everyone else does, as a "road dawg", a trooper involved primarily in patrol. After that, I worked in narcotics, then it was back to patrol, but this time in a rural area, where the State Police are mostly the only law enforcement ... there are lots of small towns which don't have their own police departments.  I spent many years as a dog handler ... some of my most rewarding years.

In time I was promoted to sergeant, and then to master sergeant and lieutenant. I retired as a troop commander, which was a great job, because I had some really terrific people working for me.  You can see a good photo of my patrol dog, THOR, and learn more about the state police if you check out my Connecticut State Police page. 

I lost many very good friends during my career with the state police. You can visit two of them on my Fallen Comrades page.




After I retired from the state police, I was a pilot for a regional airline, Business Express, now American Eagle. I had a lot of fun doing that, and gained some valuable experience flying with some very professional pilots, slogging around New England in the snow and ice. One of the flight attendants even followed me home, and is now my wife.  I also made many friends ... there are some great folks in the airline industry. Unfortunately, the regional airlines don't pay their pilots as well as you might think. So I left to became a corporate pilot, flying jets and turboprops throughout the country and internationally, and they even paid me to do it.  More time off, always a different destination, the best hotels and resorts, and great equipment. But still, we were living up there in the world of type-A personalities and high taxes, so....................


Just North of Margaritaville .............. 

Well, after all those hectic years, I moved  to KEY LARGO, in the Florida Keys, teaching SCUBA DIVING and working on dive boats. I'm a PADI Master Instructor, and I've been fortunate to meet some of the nicest people from all over the world, while working at one of the busiest dive resorts in the Keys. But ...

let's see ... what number career is this?

It wasn't enough to work on the boats. Naah, I gotta drive 'em. So I went and got my USCG 100 Ton Master's License, and worked driving dive boats, taking people out on the Atlantic and bringing them back happy. Oh yeah, my "uniform" was a swim suit and tee shirt. Good life!

Of course, I still gotta fly! So now I was doing some charter flying in the Miami area ... a little helicopter stuff, a little fixed wing stuff, even some float-plane stuff from time to time. And then they came and offered me lots of money to move again and do lots of flying. So I'm in Fort Lauderdale with all the traffic, but life is still good.


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